Omar von Muller
I have been involved with training since childhood. My older brother was a dog trainer and I would watch and try to mimic him. As a young boy, my friends knew me as “the animal trainer” because I trained chickens, pigeons, rabbits, dogs and cats. I would amuse my friends with a variety of tricks performed by different animals. In retrospect, I feel sorry for my dogs because any trick I saw Rin Tin Tin or Lassie do, I would have to teach my dogs the same one! I spent countless hours training them until they knew the trick. I now recognize the patience they had with me as I worked with them.
As a preteen, my brother would have me assist him in protection work. This consisted of agitation work (putting the dogs in protection mode). Our equipment was completely makeshift…sleeve for bite work consisted of wrapped magazines, rubber from inner tubes and burlap. Equipment has come a long way since then. As a teenager, I got my first paying job by training obedience, and from that point on friends and neighbors would contact me to train their animals. After high school, I moved to Florida, where I started polishing my training skills while training, and observing different training methods at a number of schools.
In 1984, I teamed up with Tony Guzman, Founder of Metro Dade K-9, who provided police/service dogs all over the world. I had the opportunity to work with many police dogs in different aspects of work, such as protection and narcotics. In 1987, I started competing in a sport called Schutzhund (police training, border patrol and customs, military and herding), and won major trials including the 1990 Schutzhund II Nationals with my Belgian Malinois “Carlo”. In 1991, I became involved with French Ring Sport and learned from the legendary Jean Michelle Moreau, who gave me the knowledge and experience to become a certified French Ring Decoy. Later, Jean and I created the South Florida Ringers-Ring Training Club.
I moved to Los Angeles in 1993 and began working in the entertainment industry with a variety of animal agencies, most notably “Jungle Exotics”. I now work with a wide assortment of animals including, lions, tigers, alligators, birds, and of course, dogs and cats. I continue to work on my own animals for the film and television industry, as well as private dog training for select clients.